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Solomon Park Sign Project Completed

by Pam Gunter

Downtown Wartburg Revitalization (DWR) is proud to finalize our latest project, the Solomon Park sign. This sign was a year long project that we all felt was definitely necessary for several reasons, but primarily to state our true respect for Wayne Solomon and all he did for this county.

The following organizations and personnel designed, manufactured, coordinated and installed this massive sign and they all deserve recognition for a job well done:

Dana Fox and Roger Long presented a design sketch, the Morgan County Career Center instructors Scott Stevens and Tim Steelman plus their talented students manufactured the sign, the City of Wartburg employees Craig Mathis and Denny Richardson prepared the site and coordinated the installation and Plateau Electric Cooperative employees Foreman John Guinn, Arron Silviera, Hunter Henry and Mike Nance assisted the final install.

It is clear that a project of this magnitude required a lot of people to work together for a greater good. DWR could not be more proud of all the effort and time to make a substantial difference to this county. The city park is a community place of recreation and fun. We hope everyone will thank all those involved.

Visit the STORYWALK while you are visiting Solomon Park in Wartburg. Enjoy a walk with your little ones while reading a story.


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